MacInfo offers management and support for large deployments of workstations, servers, and cluster nodes.  Our team of project managers and engineers provide a level of personalized and proactive service to support your business. Organizations now need to be efficient and managed effectively with no downtime. Our Engineering team can rapidly keep pace and develop solutions for your infrastructure deployment and upkeep as well as provide updates on latest features, product roadmaps, industry trends and available resources.

OS X Management Offerings:

  • Seamlessly deploy systems from a handful to hundreds of computers
  • Advanced system reconfiguration (Macs only)
  • Full automation support and reporting
  • Real-time deployment monitoring
  • Time and cost savings overall for organizations needing consistent applications, software and preferences

Mac/Windows Integration

With Macs continuing to flow into enterprise, integration with Windows systems has become essential for businesses. If you are ready to integrate a Mac or iOS device into an existing Windows or other standards-based network, MacInfo will guide you through the process of setting up your systems. Our expertise provides a full understanding of both operating systems resulting in comprehensive solutions to seamlessly integrate your machine into the larger network.

Benefits of a Mac - Windows Integration

  • Active Directory – By properly leveraging Active Directory accounts for your Macintosh systems, you can take advantage of the single-sign-on features and password policies your Windows users enjoy. Just as importantly, it empowers compatibility of your Macintosh systems, minimizing their frustration and your support issues.
  • Corporate Email-Collaboration tools are essential for today’s work environment.  We’ve helped Mac-based departments figure out how to integrate fully with their Exchange, Lotus Notes and other open source mail and calendaring systems.
  • Windows Virtualization – When your Mac users still have that one essential task they need Windows for, MacInfo can set up Windows on their Mac workstation.
  • Windows computers can authenticate to, and access information from, OS X networks, while OS X computers can authenticate to, and access information from, Windows networks
  • Side by side management of OS X and Windows enables policy-based management for IT to facilitate
  • Consolidation of hardware, software assets and licensing allow your security and management to be uni ed under one solution