MacInfo has more than twenty five years of designing, implementing, and maintaining network infrastructures. We offer a proactive and practical method of network management. The systems and procedures are designed to reduce and rectify the common problems normally associated with typical ‘break-fix’ network management techniques.

An ongoing IT support agreement provides peace of mind that your network, server and infrastructure resources will be maintained in top working condition for the duration of our services.

Together with our onsite IT support, we offer a superior help desk which is designed around one simple premise: helping clients resolve issues in a quick and effective manner. Our goal is to keep your staff productive when they need assistance. That translates to quick access to System Engineers who provide the necessary support to help your business.


The services work around the clock, checking for any anomalies and pushing updates, 24/7. This proactive system maintenance ensures your computers are always performing at optimum levels which are all designed around the seamless Apple experience. Identifying small problems before they develop into large ones, or cause data loss, will provide peace of mind before failure occurs. Active notifications of issues discovered that will check your back up status, hard drive and more. In the event of something going wrong, our support engineers are alerted and called to troubleshoot and repair issues completely in a non-invasive and transparent fashion.


  • Initial Hard Drive failures (I/O failure monitoring)
  • Report Backup status and failures
  • Server software/reboots
  • Network errors or performance issues
  • Kernel panics (hard system crashes)
  • POST, RAM and SMART error detection
  • System performance issues
  • Malware removal – providing an additional layer of
    threat management
  • Server RAID status or failures
  • Reporting features for demographic profiling of systems

Managed Services

  • Performs maintenance around your schedule
  • Automatic disk verification and repairs, permission repairs
  • Virus/Malware protection: updates defenitions/performs
    full disk scan
  • Backup and purging of user and system caches
  • Central logging of activity and results for our engineers
    to monitor
  • All operating system software, applications and third
    party programs are kept up to date