Effectively optimizing the mobile environment requires IT to have enhanced visibility and control of devices and the OS. At MacInfo, we understand that there are multiple ways to deploy an iPhone, iPad or other multi-user device. Whether a business or educational institution, you have a variety of different deployment choices that depend on your unique requirements. Deployments can range from supporting a few organization-owned devices to thousands of devices. Whatever the scale of the deployment, MacInfo can provide a key role in your mobility decisions.  Our engineers can develop a plan that is customized to your needs, from the MDM server build to the full deployment and ongoing management of all your devices.

Mobility Device Management Offerings

  • Full Scale Integration – Single or hybrid models across your business. We will ensure that characteristic hazards associated with BYOD are mitigated before full implementation.
  • Device control – Back-up and restore, lock down devices, remotely wipe and provide configuration and settings updates, and advance troubleshooting. We can quickly address security threats.
  • Manage mobile assets Track and manage devices as they enter your mobile environment, move across divisions and ensure that they are properly tracked and inventoried when retired.
  • Data Protection and security – Adhere to corporate security policies and procedures. Mobile standards are maintained and compliance is met with industry requirements and regulations.
  • Advanced Reporting Access to view real-time information and ongoing customized reporting to improve and develop planning and budgeting.